VideoChannel in Santa Fe 2010

Manipulated Image - Santa Fe /USA

VideoChannel Cologne
is happy to announce the collaboration with
Manipulated Image
a curatorial project by Alysse Stepanian located in Santa Fe /USA)

On 12 March, the videoart show “For Action’s Sake” will take place at the cultural centre The Complex
a co-curated event by Alysse Stepanian & Wilfried Agricola de Cologne
Friday, March 12, 6:30 – 11pm

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Here is the list of artists/directors selected & curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne for VideoChannel

For the action’s sake?
A note by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne

When people act in a social context, they take responsibility, as long as it suits them. They try to define and explain the world through itself, without any social component. In the 19th century, art that lacked a social component, and explained itself through itself, was known as “L’art pour l’art.”

While sex represents an interaction between two partners, a fetish replaces the human partner and becomes the projection of desire, an expression of self-relatedness. Action as an expression of human behavior may become such a fetish, which gets its dynamics through itself – escalating violence is an example.

A fetish represents the final state of self-relatedness, superficiality and emptiness. There are many intermediate states, during which we are in danger of losing balance, while we still may have the choice to avoid the creation of a fetish. Anything may become a fetish – a thing, a tool, an ideology. There are countless examples of religious, political, or cultural ideologies which are used as fetish, causing fundamentalism and totalitarism, for instance. The topic “for the action’s sake” is pointing to the action as such a fetish, whereby it is essential to explore the motivation of the one who is acting.

Contemporary society has developed into economically independent individuals who do not need each other to survive. Initially, this independence may seem as strength, while it is in fact an expression of weakness. A society focused on satisfying individual and personal needs, cannot survive as a society and civilization.

The selected videos contain aspects of self-relatedness, and the struggle for balance. It is up to the viewers to explore not ony the films, but primarily themselves, to decide for themselves, which state of self-relatedness they identify with.

Selected artists

Daniel LoIocono
Title: Digital Snapshots

David Jakubovic
Title: Joint at the Head

Iannis Roumeliotis
Title: Picking Cherries

Title: Let’s Make Deal

Ascan Breuer
Title: The Kurukshetra-Report

Alex Lora
Title: So Much Love

Casey Mckee
Title: Corporate Warfare

Daniel Rodrigo
Title: Fashion Death