Urban Multimedia Utopia – UMU

Video title
“Urban Multimedia Utopia – UMU”
by Oksana Chepelyk (Kiev/Ukraine)

Beta SP / Mini DV / DVD, colour, 10 min., 2002.
Concept & camera – Oksana Chepelyk
Text & voice – Esther Anatolitis
Director & producer – Oksana Chepelyk
Production – Foundation Bauhaus Dessau (Germany/Ukraine)


“UMU” video is dealing with the process of globalisation represented by multi-layered real urban and virtual spaces, for which new cultural concept has to be developed. Video explores a topic of the ICT issue. Mobile communication, telematic tools, worldwide collaborative structures and global political alliances create a new cultural landscape whose rules will have to be worked on. The concept of the video project is referring to the fact of an intensive economical development of the Asian Technology Corridor, by means of implementation of “cyberport”, “cyberincubator”, “silicon harbour” in order to establish an intelligent city. “Urban Multimedia Utopia” is dealing with realization of a utopia of the political ideal of a fairer society. While the ideal urban development wins by its gradual conversion reality, the components of the material city (architecture, space, traffic, movement, advertisement) become the text, statements in the film, which rise “from the material”. The Western artist utilizes the interactive space of ultra communications and ultra speed information delivery for propaganda purpose and missionary aims for improvement of democracy, equality, political conformism culture of personal responsibility etc. For the Ukrainian artist too free and unhindered circulation of information looks always like a provocative miracle, so his aim is to disclose this soft and hidden totalitarism of new media its masked control and dictatorship over the cultural consciousness.