Stas Perfetsky is returning to Ukraine

Video title
Stas Perfetsky is returning to Ukraine
by Svitlana Oleshko & Mykhailo Barbara (Lviv/Ukraine)
biography Svitlana Oleshko
biography Mykhailo Barbara

Color, 7 min.50 sec, 2005

Director– Svitlana Oleshko
Camera – Oleksiy Radynsky, Anatoliy Havryliako

Editing – Oleksandra Panchenko, Yuri Bobykin
Music- ANDRUXOID (Mikolaj Trzaska, Wojciech Mazolewski, MacioMoretti)
Text- Yuri Andrukhovych
Voice- Yuri Andrukhovych
Actor- Mykhaylo Barbara
Translation – Virlana Tkacz, Mark Andryczyk

“Stas Perfetsky is returning to Ukraine” – the text of Ukrainian writer Yuri Andrukhovych. Stanislav Perfetsky – the outstanding Ukrainian poet and well-known emigrant of conscience, who disappeared in the heart of the Europe ten years ago, successfully imitating suicide. Afterwards nobody heard about him, perhaps only few books from “Collection” Perfetsky’s, but those where presented by Yuriy Andruhovych, who is inalterable master of Stas’s papers and mystery of his correspondence.