Video title
by Yuriy Kruchak (Kiev/Ukraine)

Duration: 2 min. 49 sec.
Year of creation: 2006

The video represents the action of reading of poetry at one of the Kiev markets, and reveals dialogues and interaction between the poet and market sellers. The central figure of playing is a poet, who searches for his own audience; the video investigates his role in social environment.

Series “Dotted Lines Of Speech”

Yuriy invites his friends – of poets, artists and musicians that he has known, as the heroes, actors for his video works to the series “Dotted Lines of speech”

The main feature of this cycle – is a certain joint action, performance, outburst, short story which is frequently taking place in a public space. This action – has character of improvisation, a part of which is determined beforehand, and other part is supplemented, during the action. The heroes and mutes can play a part of their own history, and some-times observers can find themselves involved in shooting process and to turn to the actors. In the result we get a work, which contains an unexpected, not programmed paradoxical form of thinking, of behavior – forcing to realize an ordinary reality with new sensations, in a new way.