Interview Project

VideoChannel Interview Project
got a specific releavnce.

vch_log_01_150Initiated by Agricola de Cologne 2006, it was its goal to deliver background information about the video creator and its creations, and place himself/herself in the major context of the conditions for creating, eg education, talents, motivation, technological conditions and much more, adding most relevant color dots to the divisionistic image in form of information.
As an interview, it was a kind of dialogue between Agricola de Cologne and its fellow collegues. They are testimonies of the realtionship between both parties and a deeply rooted confidence.

The interviews are adressed to participants of VideoChannel, VAD _ Video Art Database and CologneOFF _ Cologne International Videoart festival and its associated Festivals.

Currently, more than 330 interviews can be reviewed online on

VIP – VideoChannel Interview Project