Video title
by Yuriy Kruchak (Kiev/Ukraine)

Duration: 00 min. 57 sec.
Year of creation: 2007

Series “Dotted Lines Of Speech”

Yuriy invites his friends – of poets, artists and musicians that he has known, as the heroes, actors for his video works to the series “Dotted Lines of speech”

The main feature of this cycle – is a certain joint action, performance, outburst, short story which is frequently taking place in a public space. This action – has character of improvisation, a part of which is determined beforehand, and other part is supplemented, during the action. The heroes and mutes can play a part of their own history, and some-times observers can find themselves involved in shooting process and to turn to the actors. In the result we get a work, which contains an unexpected, not programmed paradoxical form of thinking, of behavior – forcing to realize an ordinary reality with new sensations, in a new way.