WOW Jubilee XI November 2020
>Week 21 – 27 November 2020

Cinema XCinema KCinema ICinema CCinema HCinema L
prolonged – 21-27 November 2020

Mediafest CologneOFF 2011 Mexico

The new ‘Cinema X – is reserved for the new “XTeresa DarkRoom” – dedicated to MediaFest CologneOFF 2011 Mexico – taking place between 10-18 November 2011 in Mexico City at ExTeresa Art Actual – The Museum for experimental Art and UAM – Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, and in 2012 – CologneOFF 2012 at Exteresa Arte Actual – in total 26 screening programs based on the CologneOFF VII and CologneOFF VIII festival collections. XTeresa DarkRoom will be in 2021 accessible online as an individual exhibition unit.
Enter – Cinema X

Enter – Cinema X

presenting the programs –

Disturbed Beauty – Landscape in Videoart

Zlatko Cosic (Bosnia) – Hans Gindlesberger (USA) – Liu Haping (China) – Dan Hudson (Canada) – Miriam Thyes (Switzerland) – Jonas Nilsson (Sweden)
Andreas Papadopoulos (Greece) – Eva Marosy-Weide (Australia) – Lois Patino (Spain) – Xi Feng (China) – Pierre & Jean Villemin (France) – Claudia Borgna (Italy)

Still Reflecting: – videoart from China – featuring – Lily & Hong Lei

Lily & Hong Lei (China) Bijing Zhang (China) Xiaowen Zhu (China) Jing Zhou (China) – Inner Shrine, 20111, 2:30 – When Zhu (China) – I-Chun Chen (Taiwan) – Yu Cheng Yu (Taiwan) – Ling-Yin Chen (Taiwan) – Tubie Tsai (Taiwan)

21-27 November 2020

Corona! Shut Down?

Program 8
ENTER – Cinema K

selected artists
Finn Harvor – Bates Belk – Isabella Retkowska – Milos Peskir – Beate Hecher + Markus Keim – Gwendolyn Audrey Foster Hervé Constant – Camila Goldman – Danielle Liberman – Henny Woods – the2vvo (Lena Pozdnyakova and Eldar Tagi) – Úrsula San Cristóbal – Khalihso Matela – Nairy Einvazy – Ferris Bullish – Danielle Imara and Yolande Brener – Callum Colman – Katya Kan – Dima Kilaga – Ishita Adhikary – Veronica Pamoukaghlian – Kiel Fletcher

The Corona crisis is demanding from people around the globe to reduce their social contacts in order to avoid a rapid spread of the virus. The Wake-Up! Memorial was inviting audio-visual artists to submit one work – video and/or soundart – dealing with this – hopefully temporarily limited shut down . The new show case is representing an act of solidarity for the victims of the pandemic and a warning alike addressed to the human population on Earth to rethink the current values of the individual and the society as a whole. Corona! Shut Down? is representing a new exciting film collection including more than 180 audio-visual works.
ENTER – Cinema K

13 – 30 November 2020
on occasion of the Terror Attacks in Paris – 13 November 2015

The iTC Video Collection

featuring videos by Fran Orallo, Francesca Fini, KF Steward, Roland Fuhrmann, Manuel Granados, Pinina Podestá, Neil Ira Needleman, Rola Shamas, Alison Carmel Ramer, Lisi Prada, Ausin Sainz, Kostantinos Antonios Goutos, Agricola de Cologne, Ahmad Nejad, Jonathan Johnson, Yaroslav Yanovsky, Corteggiani & Giraud

1h 26 minutes

Enter – Cinema I

21-27 November 2020

CologneOFF IX @ NewMediaFest2020
Beyond All curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne
6th & 7th program

Enter Cinema C

selected artists
Bill Aitchison – Vito Alfarano – Vibeke Bertelsen & Frederik Hilmer – Chiara Bertin – Cornelia Eichorn – Sofia Goscinski – John Graham – Francesca Lolli – Agnes Pettersen – Adam Sekuler – Peter Spiers – Timo Wright – Owen Eric Wood – Gligo Kondovsky – Albert Merino – Dorianne Wotton – Cristina Pavesi – Maureen Bachaus – Matthew Lancit

02 – 30 November 2020
Feature: Videoartist of the Month November 2020
Marcantonio Lunardi

Enter Cinema H

16 October – 31 December 2020

Gandhi! – PPNRCD

PPNRCD – stands for “Peaceful Protest – Nonviolent Resistance – Civil Disobedience”
a new film collection initiated on occasion of the 151st anniversary of Mathatma Gandhi’s birthday
and the collaboration with Birla Academy of Art & Culture and Culture Monks India both located in Kolkata India
and the exhibition @ Birla Academy of Art & Culture –
SPEAKING GANDHI : Visual journeys of Gandhi@150 & beyond
16 October – 22 November 2020

ALPHABET is complementing the selection of the physical show by presenting the complete Gandhi PPNRCD Film Collection until 31 December 2020 online–>

Enter Cinema L

participating artists
Brancha Gautier Marek Wasilewski – Wilfried Agricola de Cologne – Vito Alfarano – Claudia Strohm – Delphinus inspirations – Kenji Kojima – Yiotis Vrantzas – Omar Robert Hamilton – Oliver Ressler – Dimitris Argyriou – Ausin Sainz – Sira & Laura Cabrera Díaz Shahar Marcus – Fran Orallo – Daniela Lucato – Bankleer Kuesti Fraun – Eda Emirdag – Guilherme Bergamini – Elisbeth Ross – William Peña Vega – Kaiser Nahas – Daniel Djamo – Ivar Veermae – Hande Zerkin – Silvia De Gennaro

Cinema X Cinema H Cinema K
XTeresa DarkRoom – Mediafest 2011 Solo Feature: Marcantonio Lunardi Corona! Shut Down? 9
Open – until 27 November 2020 Open – until 30 November 2020 Open – until 27 November 2020
Cinema I Cinema L Cinema C
iTC Video Collection Gandhi – PPNRCD CologneOFF9 -6+7 @ The New Museum of Networked Art
Open – until 04 December 2020 Open – until 31 December 2020 Open – until 27 November 2020

ALPHABET @ The New Museum of Networked Art

is the new name of Cinematheque @ Le Musèe di-vistioniste, launched in 2001 as a forum for streaming media at a time when streaming media in the actual sense did not exist, yet, because the technological conditions, for instance, broad bandwith Internet did not exist, yet. At that time, only FLASH & Shockwave by Macromedia, the famous vector based multimedia software allowed low bandwidth streaming, but meanwhile the technology is obsolete and since some time “Cinematheque” was out of date.

Cinematheque realized until 2010 numerous projects developed in FLASH, which were available for the users until 2015, when the entire project context of The New Museum of Networked Art was re-structured – but streaming media had become usual meanwhile due to new technologies, so that the actual concept of “Cinematheque” was obsolete, as well.
Only in 2020, “Cinematheque” got a new relevance during the Corona pandemic, when suddenly all cultural institutions which had refused to go online before, saw their future in realising their projects in virtual space.

On occasion of the collaboration of The New Museum of Networked Art with Torrance Art Museum Los Angeles – starting on 18 July 2020 – Cinematheque. now renamed simply to Cinema @ The New Museum of Netwoerked Art, started hosting the 7 streaming video programs to be presented at the Darkroom of Torrance Art Museum (18 July – 20 September).
Now, after 20 September 2020, Cinema is renamed to ALPHABET Cinema @ The New Museum of Networked Art, because ALPHABET will be serving from 23 September 2020 on as the cinema platform of the museum, hosting 26 spaces for 26 individual program structures.

ALPHABET will promote the already existing and future film collections of The New Museum of Networked Art in the public space of the Internet via curated programs, individual filmic works and their creators, as well as in an excange between virtual and physical space via networking partners.

Until 31 December 2020, ALPHABET will serve as the cinema space for NewMediaFest2020, afterwards act as the independent event structure of The New Museum of Networked Art.

directed & curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne
The New Museum of Networked Art