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A (25)
About Ancestor by Hae-Min Kim (South Korea)
Acorns by Claudia Sorens (USA/Germany)
A dark glimps on a white glove by Gudrun Bittner (Austria)
A Dollhouse is… by Henry Gwiazda (USA)
After the Revolution by Doron Golan (USA)
Again & Again by Lee Welch (Ireland)
Against all Odds by Marri, Girolamo (Italy)
A:Gender by Joey Hateley (UK)
Albino’s Melancholia by Unnur Andrea Einarsdottir (Iceland)
Aliens and Terror by Edward Marszewski (USA)
All Quiet on the Western Front by Yamil Jamani (Australia)
Ancient Rhythm by Last, Lane (USA)
Androgen by Sinasi Günes (Turkey)
Ane Lan by Ane Lan (Norway)
Angelito by Omar Emir Barquet (Brazil)
Ánimas by Ricardo Pons (Argentina)
Antitesis de Namtes by Daniel Iturrizaga Cubas (Peru)
An Urban Abstraction by Janet Curley Cannon (USA)
“Apparition # II” by Anahita Hekmat (2006, 2:59, Iran)

Apokalypse Cow by Man Kim (South Korea/USA)
Around the Fire by Elyasaf Kowner (Israel)
Are Humans Aesthetic Creatures? by Mauro Arrighi (Italy)
Are You Cool Helen? by Nadja Solari (Switzerland)
Athlete by Vince Briffa (Malta)
Attention, Attention by Erika Frenkel (Brazil)
Autarkeia Aggreatum by Battey, Bret (UK)
Autointrospective by Donald Bousted (UK)

B (12)
Bang!Bang by Nancy Atakan (Turkey)
Bareback – serial DIScharge by Agricola de Cologne (Ger)
Becoming an Image by Alice Arnold (USA)
Benas by Yuriy Kruchak (Ukraine)
Bethlehem Bandolero by Larissa Sansour (Palestine)
“Between Love and Duty” by Sonja Vuk (2008, 6:25, Croatia)

Black & White by Andrew Johnson (USA)
Blank by Ying-Fang Shen (Taiwan)
Bosa 2 by Bernhard Loibner (Austria)
Brain Washing by Toni Mestrovic (Croatia)
Brand New Morning by Konstantin Dimitriev (Russia)
Break on through by Speranza Casillo (Italy)
Bustle by Ying-Fang Shen (Taiwan)

C (19)
“C” by Cecilia Lundquist (Sweden)
Cannibal Hygiene by Svetlana & Andi Wallwhore (USA)
Casa Blanca (White House) by León Ferrari – Ricardo Pons (Argentina)
Cascadura Baby by Erika Frenkel (Brazil)
Chala Bread Dress by Lital Dotan & Eyal Perry (Israel)
Chrom by Mylicon (Italy)
Circles & Rounds by Miller, Dennis H. (USA)
Colorant by Josephine LiPuma (USA)
Colour Renaissance by Irene Coremberg (Argentina)
Colours 2005 by Enrico Tomaselli (Italy)
Colossus by the Sea by Jens Salander (Sweden)
Compensate by David Phillips (US) & Paul Rowley (IRL)
Compound by Laura Chiari (Italy)
Concoctions by Caitlin Berrigan (USA)
Controlled Dream Machine by Anaisa Franco (Brazil)
Cosmo Club by Sonja Vuk (Croatia)
Cross Contours by Dennis H. Miller (USA)
Cs0 by Suguru Goto (Japan/France)
Cut Loose by Norbert Attard (Malta)

D (9)
Data Dance#1: Information Migration by Jenni Meredith (UK)
Despuenes by Christian Bermudez (Costa Rica)
Difference by Cythia Whelan (UK)
Digital Snapshots by Daniel LoIocono (Germany)
Distortion Projected by Agricola de Cologne (Germany)
Divisionistic Approach by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne (GE)
Doll by Beeoff (Sweden)
Double by June Pak (USA)

E (15)
Each teen-ager has a price by Aldo Peredo (Chile)
Eden Machine by Babel (Canada)
Ego by Juan Alcón (Spain)
El niño Viajero by Juan Domingo Ferris (Spain)
Embracement by Lital Dotan & Eyal Perry (Israel)
En [code] ed by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne (Germany)
Entitled as… by Arzu Ozkal Telhan (Turkey)
entre pyrobiblios… by Camille Bacos & mIEKAL aND (USA
Entrevista by Neide Jallageas (Brazil)
Estacada (Left In the Lurch) by Ar Detroy (Argentina)
Everlasting Dance by Pier Giorgio de Pinto (Italy)
Everyday by Cythia Whelan (UK)
Evil Fun with Zimmy by Andy Sykes (UK)
Evolution – Involution by Agricola de Cologne (GE)
Eye Myself by Eileen Bonner (UK)
extensions-remix by Claudia Sohrens (USA/Germany)

F (9)
F16 by Néstor Olhagaray (Chile)
Feeling Like Myself by Giovanni Antignano (Italy)
“Find at Solaris” by Antonio Alvarado (2008, 11:39, Spain)
Firebird by Agricola de Cologne (Ge) –
Flyonyounggirl by Mark Mangion (Malta)
“Force Fields” by Magsamen & Hillerbrand (2008, 3:30, USA)
For the Masses by VJ 1MPAR aka Henrique Roscoe (Brazil)
Fragile by Nitin Shroffs (Seychelles)
French Toast by Svetlana & Andi Wallwhore (USA)
Front by Johanna Reich (Germany)
Fuck it all union by Edward Marszewski (USA)

G (7)
Gay King by Risk Hazekamp (Netherlands)
Genius by Oleg Ushchenko (Ukraine)
GICIR by Günes, Sinasi (Turkey)
God hides in the clouds by Carlo Sansolo (Brazil)
Gollywog by Paul Mangan (Ireland)
Green House Revisited by Guido Braun (Germany)
Gunship by Edward Marszewski (USA)
Guardian by Vince Briffa ( Malta)

H (11)
Habit by Margarida Paiva (Portugal)
Haircut by Alexandru Patatics (Romania)
Hate by Humberto Ramirez (USA/Chile)
Hay en Mi by Pablo Castillo (Chile)
Headphones by Letitia El Halli Obeid (Argentina)
Hearing You Are Here by Melanie Perrier (France)
Hometown by Tan Chui Mui (Malaysia)
HOSTS AND GUESTS by Carlos Ruiz-Valarino
Houdini by Ivana Ozetsky & Jadranko Pongrac (Croatia)
House of Tomorrow by Agricola de Cologne (Ger)
How the Music Surprises an Unprepared Listener by Andric, Andreja (Italy)

I (16)
I am my Photograph by Vince Briffa (Malta)
“I Carry Your Heart” by Jessica Curry (2008, 6:11, UK)

If I were a…. by Elia Alba (Domenican Republic)
ILMA by Pierre Portelli (Malta)
il nue by Irene Tetaz (France)
ILMA by Pierre Portelli (Malta)
Incubo by Pau Pascual Galbis (Spain)
Infern Domestic by Empar Cubells (Spain)
Indoor-outdoor by Viacheslav Poliakov (Ukraine)
In Memoriam by Fernando Baena (Spain)
In My Body by Beatrice Allegranti (UK)
Inner Dialogue by Clare Ultimo (USA)
Into the Images by Sofia von Bustorff (Czech Republic)
In the Name of GOD by Kraczyna, Anatol (Italy)
Invisible Girl by Steven Dixon (Sweden)
Irreversibility by Braun, Carol-Ann (France)
I Thou by Eileen Bonner (UK)
I Should Have Been Somewhere Else by Eva Drangsholt (Norway)

K (2)
KNIT by Eleanor Gates Stuart (Australia)
Krypt by Lars Nagler (Germany)

L (14)
Lace and Sabatic Prayer by Nancy Atakan (Turkey)
La Jaba by Elia Alba (Domenican Republic)
La mia anima by Gruppo Sinestetico (Italy)
La “chiva” expiatoria. (Scapegoat) by Isabel Aranda ( (Chile)
Lefty’s Pathos by Simon Streatfeild (Australia)
Le Majorettes by Tom de Pekin (France)
Lenin Never Died by Yu-Chen Wang (Taiwan)
Leningrad by Alexander Satim Timofeev (Russia)
Let’s walk More by MaxFlood (Ukraine)
Letter by Chang-Kyun Kim (South Korea)
Linear Succession by Towne, Shawne (USA)
Lodging For Students by Mykola Kondratenko (Ukraine)
Lonesome death of Hattie Carrol by Austin Camilleri (Malta)
Love Rules by Henrique Roscoe (Brazil)

M (19)
Makom by Avi Rosen (Israel)
Make it to the Moon by Robin Clare (UK)
“Mama” by Richard Jochum (2008, 1:35, USA/Austria)
“Ma-mma (Marilyn)” by Caterina Davinio (2008, 1:00, Italy)
“Mamo/Mother” by Anders Weberg (2008, 2:30, Sweden)
“Matter” by Jeanette Louie (2008, 8:00, USA)
Man and the Flower by Simon Streitfeild (Australia)
Meat- Mum – Meat by Fishtank (Italy)
Melaninecholia I by Unnur Andrea Einarsdottir (Iceland)
Melaninecholia II by Unnur Andrea Einarsdottir (Iceland)
Message from Behind a wall by Agricola de Cologne (Ge)
Message to our Neighbour by Agricola de Cologne (Ge)
Me/You by Soya Rademacher (South Africa)
Milk by Borys Pasichniy and Julia Pavlovska (Ukraine)
“Mirror Mama” by Shelagh Fenner (2005, 4:54, UK)
Misstar by Rahel Maher (Australia)
Mock by Vince Briffa (Malta)
Motion by Ana Gutierrez (USA)
“Mother” by Antti Salvela (2008, 1:00, Sweden)
“Mother” by Anna Bieluszko & Magdalena Jachimiak (2008, 14:52, Poland)
“Mother, daughter, light and water” by Henry Gwiazda (2005/2008, 1:27, USA)
“Mother-Mater” by Paolo Bonfiglio (2007, 7:20, Italy)
“Mother and Lost Daughter” by Joshua & Zachary Sandler (2008, 3:54, USA)
“Mothertext” by Karen Trask (1999, 11:17, Canada)
Multiple Trace Memories by Lorenzo Oggiano (Italy)
Music in Cake by Unnur A. Einarsdottir (Iceland)
Music Study IV by Seward, Rob (USA)
Mutations by Jason Cardot USA)
My name is not Cyrano by Enrico Tomaselli (Italy)
My perceiving by Lina Persson (Sweden)
My Way by Sonja VUK (Croatia)

N (9)
Nàrkissos by Cassia Kallenah (Brazil)
Nation by Francois Baret (France)
Nature Obscure by Caterina Davinio (Italy)
Nature of a Game by Lee Whitfield (UK)
“New Samples” by Marina Landia (2006, 4:20, UK)
Nino – the Adventurer by Aleksandar Kostjuk (Croatia)
No more by Nancy Atakan (Turkey)

No sound by Kateryna Babkyna (Ukraine)
Noticiero – News by Klaudia Kemper
Not My Type by Lycette Bros. (Australia)

O (3)
On_OFF by Pygar – Hugo Olim Joao Ricardo (Portugal)
One Day on Mars by Agricola de Cologne (Ger)
Our Ticket Exploded by Gustavo Galuppo (Argentina)

P (12)
Panoptica by Carlo Sansolo (Brazil)
Particula by topo – Leonardo R. Beltrán Navarro (Chile)
Pastry by Unnur Andrea Einarsdottir (Iceland)
“Pergus and the Ectoplasm” by Magnus Irvin (2007, 3:00, UK)
Performance by Agricola de Cologne (Ge)
PIGS by RZL – Luca Fruzza (Italy)
Pilot/Gamer by Gerald Habarth (USA)
Play-Toy-Illusion-Stage by Vicdan Nalbur Tasdemir (Turkey)
Poem in Red by Caterina Davinio (Italy)
Poetry without words by Alessandro Orlandi (Italy)
Predator by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne (Germany)
Process 5703/2000 by MOTIV – Mara Castilho (UK)
Prostituto/ta by Silvia Cacciatori Filloy (Uruguay)

Q (2)
Quando assim termino o nunca by Wilton Azevedo (Brazil)
Qohelet by Carla Della Beffa (Italy)

R (14)
Radiocar by Hermes Mangialardo (Italy)
Rain Terrain by Martin Oja (Estonia)
Raw to refined by Bundaberg Media Research Group (Aus)
Rebirth by David Burns (USA)
reflection? by Liew Seng Tat (Malaysia)
Remembering by Reuben Preston (UK)
Reported Missing by Petra Lindholm (Sweden)
Resource 14 by Blinkhorn, Daniel (Australia)
Return in my native city by Michael Szpakowski (UK)
Rever by Szabolcs KissPál (Romania)
Rivka’le by Lital Dotan & Eyal Perry (Israel)
Rua Sol by Fabio Oliveira Nunes (Brazil)
Rupture by Matthieu Capel (France)

S (39)

SALT by Christina McPhee (USA)
Sample City by Calin Dan (Romania)
SCAR 2004 by Antoni Karwowski (Poland)
Scratch by Alexander Satim Timofeev (Russia)
Seen, Read & Drawn by Jody Zellen (USA)
Seordag TV by David Hutchison (UK)
Selfportrait by nate Aldrich (USA)
Self-portrait by Oliver Griem (South Korea)
Selfportrait by Miranda Mutanta (Australia)
Selfportrait by Cynthia Whelan (UK)
Selfportrait by Peter Wolf (Germany)
Selfportrait as a group by Richard Jochum (Austria/USA)
Service by Unnur Andrea Einarsdottir (Iceland)
Shadows from the mind by Jeremy Blank (Australia)
“She was also there” by Nicole Pruckermayr (2008, 5:49, Austria)

Shifting Time by Oksana Chepelyk (Ukraine)
Snow-white and red like a rose by Ina Loitzl (Austria)
Showcase by Yuriy Kruchak (Ukraine)
Siembra: Videocode03 by (Argentina)
Signature Project by Brócolis VHS – Video Homeless System (Brazil)
SilkyVRML422 by Christina McPhee (USA)
Softly Engaged by Arrighi, Mauro & Buziol, Marco (Italy)
Small Room Tango by Shalom, Gabriel (USA) –
Smoked by Rafael Alcala (Puerto Rico)
Speye by Cardot, Jason Paul (USA)
“Spring is here again” by Pekka Ruuska (2008, 1:00, Finland)
Stas Perfetsky is returning to Ukraine by S. Oleshko & M. Barbara (Ukraine)
Souvenir 2 by Eng, Angie (USA)
Spazio dell’Assenza by Andrea Ferrara (Italy)
Spiral by Vince Briffa (Malta)
S/T by Antonia Valero (Spain)
Stadtgespraech by Holger Eggert (Germany)
Station by Nita Mocanu (Romania)
Stigmata by Silvio de Gracia (Argentina)
Still Alives by Pernot, Laurent (France)
“Stop Stealing My Face” by Grace Graupe-Pillard (2007, 3:11, USA)
Story by Caterina Davinio (Italy)
Strangely Adrift by Nick Barker & Rob Jacobs (UK)
Stylaria by Mylicon/EN (Italy)
Superman Safety Crossing by Larry Caveney (USA)
Swimming Pamela -Running Ken by Ina Lotzl (Austria)

T (38)
Take.This.Turn by Joao Paulo Simoes (Portugal)
Talking Colour by Reuben Preston (UK)
Tease by Owenns, Jimmy (France)
Te estamos robando by Joaquin Ivars (Spain)
Teeth Towers by Beatriz Caravaggio (Spain)
Telepathic Numbness by Francisco Lopez (USA)
TEL QUEL by Hervé Constant (UK)
Terminator by Nancy Atakan (Turkey)
Text Field by Jack Messenger & Chirstinn Whyte (UK)
“Timed Out” by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne (2008, 9:35, Germany)
“Tinchi Tamba Wetlands” by Natasha Cordasic (2007, 6:38, Australia)
Tomorrow by Kaspars Groshevs (Latvia)
To Video Two Feedback by Won-Kon Yi (South Korea)
The Aim Of The Game by Olexiy Khoroshko (Ukraine)
The Bad Mouse by Andy Sykes (UK)
The Body of War II by Isabelle Schneider/Sherylee Richardson (France)
The Books of Seasons by Dario Iurilli (Italy)
“The Chair” by Grace Schwindt (2008, 9:47, UK)
Their Circumstances by Ji Hyung Ahn (South Korea)
The Citizens Need by Anatol Kraczyna (Italy)
The Changing Man by Rami Fischler (Australia)
“The Criers” by Elham Rokni (2007, 13:46, Israel)
The Dark side of the Rainbow by McClymont, Alistair (UK)
The Gates to Heaven by Paterson, Simone (USA)
The Invisible Girl by Stephen Dixon (Sweden)
The Hole by Irene Coremberg (Argentina)
The Kid & the Book by LEMEH42 – Michele Santini & Lorenza Paolini (Italy)
The Middle Of Bridge by Sinasi Gunes (Turkey)
The Plain Silvery Side of This Disc by Capone, Sean (USA)
the slightly drowning woman by Alison Williams (South Africa)
The Third Eye by André Austvoll (Norway)
The Social Consciousness by Fatih Balci (Turkey)
The souls in my breast by Ina Loitzl (Austria)
The Unbearable Heaviness of Waiting by Josephine Lipuma (USA)
The Wall by Nancy Atakan (Turkey)
The visit by Antonia Valero (Spain)
Thorn of Trice by Dinko Kumanovic (Croatia)
Time with Franz by Dana Levy (Israel)
Try by Ozge Yilmaz (Turkey)
Try Ya Love by Golan, Doron (USA)
TV-X_PERM by Michael Brynntrup (Germany)

U (5)
Untitled by Burak Bedenlier (Turkey)
Uptown by Scott Becker (USA)
Urban.early sunday morning_raw by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne (Germany)
Urban Multimedia Utopia by Oksana Chepelyk (Ukraine)
Used to Be Keys by Kateryna Babkyna (Ukraine)

V (9)
Valley of God by Man Kim (South Korea USA)
Vanitas by Carla Della Beffa (Italy)
Vaporis… by Pellman, Samuel (USA)
Vertigo by Jimmy Owenns (France)
Vicious Circle by Lital Dotan & Eyal Perry (Israel)
Victim by Hermes Mangialardo (Italy)
Virtual Orchestra by Burns, David (USA)
Voice by Cinzia Cremona (UK)
Voodoo Diva’s International.. by Fred Koenig (France)

W (18)
Waiting Room by Nita Mocanu (Romania)

“Walk With Me” by Nicole Rademacher (2007, 1:08, USA)
Warning: Women by Oksana Shatalova/Alla Girik (Kazakhstan)
Was It As Good 4 U? by Lital Dotan & Eyal Perry (Israel)
Water Breath by Lital Dotan & Eyal Perry (Israel)
Watching me by Ilka Goetz (Germany)
Wear the Bazooka by Petra Lindholm (Sweden)
We Are All Bored by Eva Drangsholt (Norway)
WELAT by Sinasi Gunes (Turkey)
WHENEVER I COME HOME ….. by Gabi Bila-Guenther
Where Stories Come From by Lycette Bros. (Australia)
Whistle (Great is Thy Faithfulness) by Melissa Day
White Music by Unnur Andrea Einarsdottir (Iceland)
without title by Miklos Legrady (Canada)
Without Title by Margerida Paiva (Portugal)
Without Title by Stephanie Bouvier (France)
without title by Antonia Valero (Spain)
Wo-men, Wo-rld by Ji-Hyun Kim (South Korea)
Word by Gerald Habarth (USA)


Y (1)
YOK by Nancy Atakan (Turkey)
You & Me by Elisabeth Smolarz (Germany)


1- ? (7)
? by Simon Streatfeild (Australia)
10 March by Antonia Valero & Laura Amigo (Spain)
1-min film by Xenia Vargova (Bulgaria)
1/2 de porcillo (1/2 chicken) by Welmo Joseph (Puerto Rico)
4:44 minutes of freedom for Equatorial Guinea by Agricola de Cologne
48 hours – a portrait for peace – by Ursula Bachman (Switzerland)
5’15” by Ann Rosén (Sweden)