06.04 “on totalitarism”

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feature: “Stigmata” – video by Silvio de Gracia


The results of the competition “on totalitarism” was launched as a new selection on occasion of the opening of Cologne OFF I, 1st edition Of Cologne Online Film Festival, curated by Agricola de Cologne and featuring these artists—>


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On Totalitarism

Curated by Agricola de Cologne, see detailled info–>

Selected artists

Doron Golan (USA) – After the Revolution
Dana Levy (Israel) – Time with Franz
Silvio de Gracia (Argentina)- Stigmata
Francois Baret (France) – Nation
Anatol Kraczyna (Italy)- The Citizens Need
Fishtank (Italy)- Meat- Mum – Meat
Jens Salander (Sweden) – The Colossus by the Sea
MOTIV – Mara Castilho (UK) – Process 5703/2000
Yu-Chen Wang (Taiwan) – Lenin Never Died
Suguru Goto (Japan/France) – Cs0
Alexander Satim Timofeev (Russia) – Leningrad
Agricola de Cologne (Germany)- 4:44 minutes of freedom for Equatorial Guinea

Doron Golan (USA)


artist biography

Title: After the Revolution, 2004
The infant will play near the hole of the cobra, and the young child put his hand into the viper’s nest.
They will neither harm nor destroy. David Rovics sings ‘After the Revolution’.

Dana Levy (Israel)


artist biography

Title: Time with Franz (10:00) 2003
[curated by Agricola de Cologne/Germany] Dana Levy met Franz during her stay in Austria. He invited her to his countryside home,
inherited from his family. There, she discovered boxes of old family photos, Nazi swastikas.
Being third generation of the Holocaust, she felt threat, anger, and fear. The movie
reflects the way the artist tries to overcome her mixed emotions. The past slowly gives way
to the present moment, and to the developing friendship with Franz, despite history. The
music is by Die Linzer Philharmonic, conducted by artist Hannes Langeder. The orchestra
players are all non professional. The result is an eerie out of tune classical music

Silvio de Gracia (Argentina)

silvio de gracia

artist biography

Stigmata, 2005
Stigmata  is a work that explores the tragedy of violence and repression. The allegory, metaphor, literal image of somebody who is prisoner is elliptical references of the war, torture and death. The downcast look, the hands wraps in barbed wire turns out to be an opportune allusion to the threats of military dictatorship in Argentina and in the rest of world.

Francois Baret (France)

francois baret

artist biography

Title: Nation, 2005
The sculpture is magnificent: holding the sceptre of law, standing on a carriage pulled by lions driven by the holder of Liberty, surrounded by Industry and Commerce, followed by a lascivious Prosperity throwing around flowers. The promises of the statue have not been really fulfilled though. In the name of nations there has been more wars and dead than flowers.

Anatol Kraczyna (Italy)

anatol kraczyna

artist biography

Title: Citizens Need, 2004, 3:13
Can the use of violence justify the removal of a dictatorship? According to the words of JF Kennedy, citizens have a right to be armed to defend themselfs from a tirranical goverment, but…who can decide who will be considered a rebel and who a terrorist?

Fishtank (Italy)


artist biography

Title: Meat-Mum…. Meat, 2004,  4:26
video content: A sloughter-House. The decadence of the captured organism.
In internet we’ll provide a continuously alive simulacra of the video embodiment.
music : Lorenzo Brusci – Timet  (

an analytic eye on the video piece:
A communication system which runs and overrules reality reducing its natural informational complexity and variety and its natural vocation to the inter-individual information exchange. 
In particular we expose the redundant mechanism of the violent communication or the communication of violence, mechanism that constantly attack-reduce a free will; it has been stratified and connected to the symbol of an identity abattoir where the mass-organism becomes pure meat, food, for the entire system of mass vision. With this artwork we put ourselves in the same spectator’s visual perspective, an uneasiness that implies a critical perspective; we designed a body contortion, in an absolute and constant sacrifice. We are this body contortion, we watch it, but we overcome its condition in order to de-touch ourselves from its passiveness (given data) and start a critical, alternative and dynamic counter-thought.
This video artwork is in itself the representation of a contemporary mass media embodiment.

Jens Salander (Sweden)

jens salander

artist biography

Title: The colossus by the sea, (10:00), 2003
[curated by Bjoern Norberg/Sweden] The work is documenting the former NAZI recreation resort PRORA on the island of
Ruegen/Baltic Sea and the difficulties how to deal properly with this “heavy” heritage.

Mara Castilho (UK)

mara castilho

artist biography

Title: ‘PROCESS 5703 – 2000’
A bathroom as a cell. A tortured female body. The desire for freedom in movements of revolt and pain. Naked walls, waterless taps and the bare feet in a cold floor. A naked and raped body bends to a corner and falls in agony. The hands in the ears to muffle the painful screams. A face. Maria, 23 years old, arrested and tortured to death. São Paulo, Brazil, 1970; Lisbon, Portugal, 1965; Santiago, Chile, 1973; Pristina, Kosovo, 2002…

Created by Mara Castilho with original music by Marcelo Wig, this work is based on a collection of true stories taken from those who suffered torture under dictatorial/totalirium regimes. This work is specially dedicated to the people of Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Portugal.

Yu-Chen Wang (Taiwan)

yu-chen wang

artist biography

Title: Lenin Never Died, 2005
Contemporary Russian Myth: historical characters reappear in Red Square. Comrade
Lenin, Emperor Nickolai, Ivan the Terrible and security guards are iconic figures,
timelessly assembled together. ‘I’ ( the tourist) was also present there. These roles played
by the street performers are signifiers of Russian historical and political figures. The
historic sites and architectures are icons of an authentic Russian heritage. The event of
gathering street performers, architectural background, international tourists, local
souvenir sales agents and myself is a reproduction of many people’s holiday snap shot.
The image of the video capturing itself is a copy of a superficial level of recognition of

Suguru Goto (Japan/France)

suguru goto

artist biography

Title: Cs0
video, 2004, loop
This composition is related to the project “artificial body and real body”. The texts used in this work are coming from Mille Plateaux of Deleuze and Guattari and the radio piece of Antonin Artaud : Pour en finir avec le jugement de Dieu. It’s a visual and sound montage that eliminates the notion of sense and history and where the language is treated as an icon. The text is told by human and artificial voices but also incorporated and modified in the image. The idea of this composition is to mix, juxtapose and to weave different representation of the body between them. The video image shows real and 3D virtual bodies but the body of the performer is present and can transform its images in real time. We are having now a puzzle where it’s a matter of differences and resemblances between real and virtual body. Once the body doesn’t have any consensual reality anymore, one enters the labyrinth. One composes a body without organs, a CsO.
This work is a new style of video. This can be done in a live performance context. The video is performed with Interactive System in real time. This is a sort of Vj and Dj style, and is presented by one single performer (Suguru Goto) on a stage or a projection place.

Alexander Satim Timofeev (Russia)

alex satim timofeev

artist biography

Title: Leningrad, 2004
This is music video for “Leningrad” – legendary russian music band.
Now this music band most popular in Russia. In this song,  the author criticizes other music groups. The lyrics have nothing  to do with military propaganda  music created by Leningrad

Agricola de Cologne (Germany)

agricola de cologne

artist biography
Title: 4:44 minutes of freedom for Equatorial Guinea
video, 2005, 4.44

Film about an action of African students in front of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Madrid/Spain for freedom in Equatorial Guinea.