07.11 Art cartoons & animated narratives

Unnur art cartoons & animated narratives

Final list of participants

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VIP – VideoChannel Interview Project*

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PDF catalogue

Machina d’Amore by Andreja Andric (Serbia/Italy) & Igor Vasiljev (Serbia/Germany)
Are Humans Aesthetic Creatures? by Mauro Arrighi (Italy)
*Rebirth by David Burns (USA)
An Urban Abstraction by Janet Curley Cannon (USA)
Hay en Mi by Pablo Castillo (Chile)
Make it to the Moon by Robin Clare (UK)
Motion by Ana Gutierrez (USA)
Word by Gerald Habarth (USA)
Seordag TV by David Hutchison (UK)
Valley of God by Man Kim (South Korea USA)
Nino – the Adventurer by Aleksandar Kostjuk (Croatia)
Thorn of Trice by Dinko Kumanovic (Croatia)
The Kid & the Book by LEMEH42 – Michele Santini & Lorenza Paolini (Italy)
Not My Type by Lycette Bros. (Australia)
Gollywog by Paul Mangan (Ireland)
Victim by Hermes Mangialardo (Italy)
Love Rules by Henrique Roscoe (Brazil)
Blank by Ying-Fang Shen (Taiwan)
Man and the Flower by Simon Streitfeild (Australia)
? by Simon Streatfeild (Australia)
The Bad Mouse by Andy Sykes (UK)
Leningrad by Alexander Satim Timofeev (Russia)
Seen, Read & Drawn by Jody Zellen (USA)
Urban.early sunday morning_raw by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne (Germany)
VIP – VideoChannel Interview Project*

  • David Sigmund Pannizzi (USA)
  • Brett Phares (USA)
  • Edward Picot (UK)
  • Marta Jurkowska (Germany)
  • Karolina Demirovic (Croatia)
  • Justin Barnes (Australia)
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    “Not my type”
    video by Lycette Bros (Australia)

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