10.11 Family Affair 2 (1+2)

Relative Space by Chris Stockbridge (UK)

Family Affair 2
video art project dealing with the close relations within the family. While Family Affair 1 was completely dedicated to the “mother” aas the most marking and influencing part of the family, “Family Affair 2” will focus on the multi-facetted figure of “father”, but also “brothers” and “sisters”.

The project is initiated and curated by
Wilfried Agricol de Cologne, chief curator of VideoChannel.

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Antonio Alvarado (ES)
Zack Bent (USA)
Yin-Ling Chen (TW)
Virginia Colwell (USA)
Lindsay Foster (USA)
Constantin Hartenstein (D)
Shahar Marcus (Israel)
Antti Savela (SWE)
Chris Stockbridge (UK)
Marc Thele (D)
Anders Weberg (SWE)
Zellner Bros (USA)

Mother, father, sisters & brothers

Helga Bothe (D)
Sara Bremen (USA)
Janet Cook-Rutnik (VI)
Ren Cummings (USA)
Michael Doocey (USA)
Gratuitous Art Films (USA)
Richard Jochum (A)
Tina Jokitalo (FI)
Radhamohini Prasad (IN)
Robby Rackleff (USA)
Sivan Sebbag (Israel)
Péter Vadócz (HU)

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