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    In July 2009, VideoChannel is featuring Johanna Reich, a very original and talented young videoartist.

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    Johanna Reich
    VIP – VideoChannel Inteview
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    Johanna Reich, a young video artist living and working in Cologne/ Germany, is walking consequently on a performative path in video art,
    giving the camera, the action or the performative process and the result in form of a video a new and very personal meaning.
    She involves the audience by provoking the visual senses with unexpected results.
    Her videos are much closer to performance as a form of contemporary art
    than filmic narritive or technological aspects, the videos go to the essence of the medium and have something purist we know from Japanese abstract minimalism of Zen, something very spiritual which seems to be very familiar and very strange at the same time.
    Thus art in its best sense.

    [Wilfried Agricola de Cologne, curator] .

    Video titles

    HD, PAL, 1`00, 2008
    DVD-player, Videoprojector, speaker
    Found footage from John Hustons film “The misfits”, 1961
    Shattered dreams…

    HD, PAL, 4`00, 2008
DVD-player, Videoprojector, speaker
    Found footage from Fritz Langs film “Dr. Mabuse, der Spieler”, 1920/21
Sculpting skin.
Carving the projection surface reminds of sculptors work being at the same time sculptor and sculpture.

    Black hole
    DV, PAL, 6`00, 2009
    DVD-Player, videoprojector, speaker
    A person dressed in black diggs a hole into snow. The person disappears in front of the camera.

    DV, PAL, 2:18, 2006
    DVD-player, Videoprojector, speaker

    Making a stand against.
    A young woman during her fight against the camera. While shooting peas against the camera, the sound of pistols and mashine guns is audible.

    DV, PAL, 3`00, 2008
DVD-player, Videoprojector, speaker
    Assimilation of the environment or how to create your own norms.

    DV, PAL, 1`00, 2008
DVD-player, videoprojector, speaker, projection onto paper
    In the video “line” (2008) a high-resolution digital camera reaches its limits: A black-clothed person paints a black line on a wall. As a result of lighting conditions the camera cannot differentiate between the black of the person and the black background. The person seems to disappear in front of the camera. In times where we are observed every minute by cameras “line” seems to be a humorous way to escape surveillance.

    DV, PAL, without sound, 1`00, 2006
DVD player, flat screen, speaker
    Print my body.