06.08 “Unexpectedly Real”

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the video “Toilet” by Unnur A. Einarsdottir

VideoChannel* selections 2006
COFF – Cologne Online Film Festival

Unexpectedly real
Curated by Agricola de Cologne for
Play Video Art Festival Junin/Buenos Aires (Argentina)
25-27 August 2006

Selected artists
Listed on DVD

Daniel LoIacono (GE) – Digital Snapshots 2’30’’
Agricola de Cologne (GE)  – House of tomorrow – 3’00’’
J.G. Periot + Tom de Pekin (France) – Devil Inside – 2’50’’
Li Hyung Kim (South Korea) 3:34 – Women. World
Alla Girik and Oksana Shatalova (Kazakhstan) – Warning! Women – 3’12’’

Rafael Alcala (Puerto Rico)  – Smoked – 3:00
Joao Paulo Simoes (Portugal) – Take.This.Turn – 5’43’’
Unnur A. Einarsdottir (Iceland) – Toilet – 5’00’’
Agricola de Cologne (GE) – Evolution – Involution – 10’00’’

Curatorial statement
“Unexpectedly real”  refers to different meanings, states and definitions of reality. The 10 videos selected and curated by Agricola de Cologne from the base of VideoChannel, a project environment dealing with the subject of “memory & identity”, approach the “real” and the “reality” from different artistic point of views. The viewer becomes confused as the limits between the “objective” and the “subjective” become more and more vague changing continuously their values. The technological possibilities of the medium “digital video” enforce and encourage the artists to manipulate what is generally recognized as the “real” and give the classical theme in art which is exploring the different states of reality a new dimension. – 9 artists surprise the audience with these 10 films.



Daniel Lo Iacono (Germany)


artist biography

Title: Digital Snapshots (2:30), 2003
[curated by Agricola de Cologne/Germany] is a kind of docu-animation dealing with the correlation of digital manipulations
and candid documentary shots. It was produced as part of a Media Design diploma thesis from the University of Applied Sciences Mainz , Germany in 2003.
What does a moment look like? Can snapshots freeze a moment in time?
In DIGITALSNAPSHOT, motion fragments were captured and rearranged in a new visual context via unconventional digital manipulations. A long take camera movement cycle generates a unique “digital painting”.
In this case DIGITALSNAPSHOT enables the viewer to experience a virtual walk through a beautiful park during summertime


Agricola de Cologne (Germany)

artist biography

Title: House of Tomorrow, 2005, 3:00
The house of tomorrow is the house of one’s identity, it does not need to be a concrete house or building, but represents a secure and protected place where people can stand for what they are and represent, a human being. And this human may have many identities in different fields, the sexual identity represents only one among many others.


Jean-Gabriel Périot + Tom de Pékin

artist biography

Title : Devil Inside, 2004
revolutions, queer & Rock’n Roll



Kim Yi Hyung (South Korea)


artist biography

Title: Wo-men, Wo-rld  (3:34), 2003
[curated by Won-Kon Yi, South Korea] The video is about fe-male identity.



Alla Girik and Oksana Shatalova (Kazakhstan)
danger, women

biography Alla Girik
biography Oksana Shatlova

Title: Warning! Women
year of production : 2005, duration: 3 min. 12 sec
In non-modernized patriarchal societies (they are still the majority of humanity) the role of cultural organizing force, “intellect” and “consciousness” is traditionally given to male.
A woman symbolizes the power of the Unconscious, intuition, chaos. It’s a kind of some impersonal force. She is dangerous like the nature (= threat of disaster).
The trilogy “Warning: Woman!” is a Rabelaisian illustration for ideas on woman as a “corporal bottom”. It’s an ironic illustration of feminophobia; an illustration of archaic myth (about “vagina dentata”). Woman here is represented as a brutal (though funny) monster that always can deprive a male of his phallic regalia.


Rafael Alcalá (Puerto Rico)


artist biography

Smoke (3:00), 2003
[curated by Heidi J. Figueroa Sarriera  and Marianne Ramírez-Aponte/Puerto Rico]

Wasn’t smoking said to be dangerous?


Joao Paulo Simoes (Portugal)


artist biography

Title:  Take.This.Turn, 2005
In which three musical interludes are combined to form a three-part Video Illustration about the nature of identity in an abstract, sci-fi context.


Unnur A. Einarsdottir (Iceland)

artist biography

 Title Toilet (2005),
A woman, dressed in a pink night dress and high heels, is licking a toilet seat covered with whipped cream and candy, with sexual intensity.


Agricola de Cologne (Germany)

artist biography

Title: Evolution-Involution, 2005, 10:00
The film represents a interpretation of José Roberto Sechi’s performance of the same name, performed during the Interferencias Festival in Junin October 2005. It shows the performances as a process towards a complete artwork, which is vanishing in the moment when it is completed. The music is performed and remixed by one of the many identities of Agricola de Cologne as an artistic counter part and the completion of the artwork on different levels.