06.04 special selection

[putswf_video url=”” iimage=”” width=”360″ height=”270″ align=”none” preload=”image”] “Panoptica” video by Carlo Sansolo

On occasion of the opening of CologneOFF I – 1st edition of Cologne Online Film Festival, Agricola de Cologne prepared a special selection of videos featuring these artists—>


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Special selection – INTERvalling
Curated by Agricola de Cologne, see detailled info—> 

Selected artists

  • Carlo Sansolo (Brazil) – Panoptica
  • Carlo Sansolo (Brazil) – God is hiding in the clouds
  • Erika Frenkel (Brazil) – Cascadura Baby
  • Erika Frenkel (Brazil) – Attention, Attention
  • Antoni Karwowski (Poland) – SCAR
  • Jamil Yamani (Australia) – All quiet on the Western Front

    1. Carlo Sansolo (Brazil)
    artist biography

    Title: PANOPTICA 

    In his work “Panoptica”, the viewer takes to position of the hidden artist who is observing what is happening around in  the living environment of the hired flat. Every day life scenes become relevant and are catapulted to the level of importance.    

    Title: God hides in the clouds – 2004,  5 minutes

    carlo sansolo
    Socio political analysis of the more obvious representations and that impose themselves to the social super – structure, representations that will pass as innocent but are highly ideological.


    2. Erika Frenkel (Brazil)
    artist biography
    Title: Cascadura Baby – 5:00 – 2004

    erika frenkel
    A turbulent body, relativizing the difficulty on communicating and the function of the culture on the whole society.

    Title: Attention, Attention – 4:40 – 2004

    erika frenkel
    Questioning of the veracity of the work as the subject of the action. As the feminine pose that suggests civility and kindness, the woman as the image of credibility, the family and the word. The questioning in an erudite or in an ordinary manner. 


    3. Antoni Karwowski (Poland)
    artist biography

    antoni karwowski

    Title: “SCAR 2004” (6:00, 2004) 
    This work is not only documenting a performance in Krakow but represents also an art video which gives evidence of the body as a structure of memory and the manifestation of identity.



    4. Jamil Yamani (Australia)

    yamil jamani

    artist biography

    Title: All Quiet on the Western Front, 2005

    This work explores the changing face of identity when one is exposed to a greater cultural hegemony, it is illustrated through the simplistic device of eating food. In the work on the left/east side I can be seen eating a traditional indian meal, salt is taken at the beginning of the meal and I begin to eat with only my right hand (my family are muslims), no drink is taken until the meal is finished. On the right/western side a napkin is laid on my lap and I commence my meal by swallowing a large amount of beer, halfway through the meal I burp quite loudly and once again near the end. On the table on the eastern side is placed a jar of olive oil, its counterpart on the west is a jar of salted preserved lemons, how can these two elements come together to harmoniously communicate? Can they ever? For most of the duration of the film, both myselves studiously ignore each other but every now and then their eyes meet or when one is engaged in their food, the other observes himself. I make no commentary or observations within this text, I merely present multiple facets of complex problems.