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The contribribution including video artists from Israel/Tel-Aviv is curated by Agricola de Cologne on occasion of the RRF presentation in the framework of the exhibition of “Hilchot Schenim Chapter III” at Israeli Digital Art Lab Holon/Israel 17 April – 17 July 2005, featuring these artists Elyasaf Kowner, Dana Levy, Lital Dotan & Eyal Perry.

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The Curator

Agricola de Cologne

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The artists


artist biography

“Around the fire”, video, 11’, 2003

The Bereshit music festival takes place in the Sea of Galilee on the eve of the Jewish New Year. The work of Elyasaf Kowner, filmed during the last Bereshit festival, shows how young generations of Israelis attempt to find their own path to reconstruct their cultural history. People seek fusion of rituals, myths, practices, by borrowing from various cultures and cults (tribal rites, shamanism, Buddhism, paganism, among others) and re-giving to human being and nature a central place. This path of syncretism, at the crossroads of multiculturalism, quest for spirituality, opening to different worlds and societies, can be seen as one possible collective, civil, alternative to the references imposed by the dominant political discourse – an escape from reality.


artist biography

“Time with Franz”, video, 2004, 11:00

Dana Levy met Franz during her stay in Austria. He invited her to his countryside home, inherited from his family. There, she discovered boxes of old family photos, Nazi swastikas. Being third generation of the Holocaust, she felt threat, anger, and fear. The movie reflects the way the artist tries to overcome her mixed emotions. The past slowly gives way to the present moment, and to the developing friendship with Franz, despite history. The music is by Die Linzer Philharmonic, conducted by artist Hannes Langeder. The orchestra players are all non professional. The result is an eerie out of tune classical music. 

3. Lital Dotan & Eyal Perry

artists biography

The video titles:    

1. Vicious Circle (2005)
A woman is crawling slowly in a stone circle built in a dry river canyon. In an act of self inflicting pain, face down, she is trapped in an endless circular movement.

2. Embracement
The woman artist bandages herself, tightening thorns to her body. The scene is photographed by the male artist from two perspectives that represent an objective and a subjective point of view.

3. Rivka’le
A woman float in the Dead Sea, the bright light makes her body disappear. Arms, legs and head form a dismantled structure. Photographed from a point of view of a woman singing a lullaby to her daughter.

4. Chala Bread Dress
A dress made of chala-bread slices is eaten up by the woman artist who’s wearing it.
Photographed by the man artist from upper point of view, in a way that emphasizes the male gaze on the agonizing, exposed woman.

5. Was It As Good 4 U?
Close-up on face expressions of a woman during intercourse. This video is a part of our occupation with Gender and like the motive of float, it is dealing with the “body remembrance” of trauma and pain.