05.02 Belgium

This contribution was launched on occasion of the RRF exhibition/presentation at Al Kahf Art Gallery Bethlehem/Palestine 17 February – 17 March 2005, featuring the artists–> Petra Lindholm, Scott Becker, Larry Caveney, Claudia Sohrens, Elia Alba

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The Curator:

Rogier van Benteghem
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Selected artists:

name: Petra Lindholm

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Title: Reported Missing, video, 2004, 10:00

name: Scott Becker

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Title: Uptown, 2004, 4:35

Larry Caveney

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Titled: Superman Safety Crossing, 2004, 2:50

The piece is a response to a dangerous intersection in San Diego Ca. Many people have been struck as autos turn right on red and ignoring pedestrians. At first I was projecting the image of a traffic cop, but that seem too much of authoritative figure. The Superman device is a familiar that people can relate to on many levels and the reactions to the piece proved that. This is an social intervention piece based on the notion of serving and redirecting a situation by using the device of the fool/super hero.

name: Elia Alba

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Title of work: La Jaba, video, 2004, 4:00

name: Claudia Sohrens

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Title of work: Acorns

ACORNS 1 & 2, SINGLE CHANNEL VIDEO, 2002 (Installation: TV, Oak TV-Chair with Slip Covers + Bowl of Acorns)
“Acorns” is an installation showing a series of video portraits. Women of different origins and backgrounds have been asked to sit as still, when a bucket of acorns is poured over their heads.
The project pays homage to the feminist performance and video artists of the 70s and 80s, who investigated and pushed the boundaries of physical and mental potential. Instead of seeking the point at which an audience reaches the limits of its endurance in witnessing pain or danger, I am using the unspectacular, the unexpected and let the humor focus you.