04.12 South Korea

Videoart from South Korea

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letter, 2000, 5:50
video by Chang Kyun Kim

The contribution from South Korea curated by Won-Kon Yi from Seoul was launched on occasion of 404 – Electronic Art Festival Rosario/Argentina  – 7-15 December 2004, including following artists: Yi-Hyung Kim, Oliver Griem, Chang Hyun Kim, Hae-Min Kim, Won-Kon Yi.

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The Curator:
name: Won-Kon Yi

curator’s biography

 about selected works:
This time, I selected 5 korean single channel video works that focused on the relation between the visual world & the other sides. “To Video Two Feedback” reveal the relation that feedback between video image & human action, “About Ancestor” the spiritual communication with ones ancestor by the shaman(medium), “Letter” lead us to ‘in-between’ world between the materiality & the images, “Women World” identity of the female image, And “Self Portrait” reversed the topology of camera and object.

artists information:

  • Won-Kon Yi
  • artist biography

    “To Video Two Feedback” 1987


  • Hae-Min Kim
  • artist biography

    Title: “About Ancestor”, video, 2000


  • Chang-Kyun Kim
  • artist biography

    Title: “Letter”, video, 2001


  • Ji-Hyun Kim
  • artist biography

    Title: “Wo-men, Wo-rld”, video, 2003, 2:40


  • Oliver Griem
  • artist biography

    Title: “Self Portrait”, video, 1999