04.11 Alex Haupt

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video by Christina McPhee


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On occasion of FILE – Electronic Language Festival Sao Paulo/Brazil –>23 November – 12 December 2004 , Alex Haupt prepared his first contribution  and selected following artists: Daniel Lo Iacono, Lee Welch, Caitlin Berrigan, Claudia Sohrens, Elia Alba, Josephine Lipuma, Guido Braun, RZL – Luca Fruzza, Christina McPhee, Miklos Legrady, Stephanie Bouvier, Caterina Davinio.

The Curator: 

Name:Alex Haupt

curator’s biography

For his curated contribution to VideoChannel entitled. “time processing”, he selected 12 artists and one work by each artist—>
The artists:


  • Daniel Lo Iacono
  • artist biography

    Title: Digital Snapshots

    about the work
    DIGITALSNAPSHOT is a kind of docu-animation dealing with the correlation of digital anipulations
    and candid documentary shots.It was produced as part of aMedia Design diploma thesis from the Univerty of Applied Sciences Mainz ,Germany in 2003.

    What does a moment look like? Can snapshots freeze a moment in time?

    In DIGITALSNAPSHOT, motion fragments were captured and rearranged in a new visual context via unconventional digital manipulations. A long take camera movement cycle generates a unique “digital painting”.
    In this case DIGITALSNAPSHOT enables the viewer to experience a virtual walk through a beautiful park during summertime.

  • guido braun
  • artist biography

    Title of work: gruenes haus revisited (digital video, 2004)
    short work description
    gruenes haus revisited (digital video, 2004) is a sensible love-story with one extra-ordinary colour. it is dedicated to mrs. marion graef  from giessen (germany), who died some months ago before guido braun and
    stella friedrichs (to the happy few /w thomas draschan, 2003) had have  the unique possibility to take that picture in her lovely, but strange,  strange world in light mint green.


  • Lee Welch
  • artist biography

    Title of work: AGAIN & AGAIN
    short work description:
    My work attempts to capture the seemingly uncontrollable transient of time.
    Through my efforts to regain some control and understanding of the perception of time, I have created an evolving portrait though a means of self-preservation.

    The consistency of the pose and detached almost unemotional expression emanate feelings of a sombre nature, which reflect on our preoccupation with the escalating pressures of our daily existence. The work also poses as a document of the mundanity of modern life in our attempts to fulfilling all
    our material goals.



  • Caitlin Berrigan
  • artist biography

    Title of work: Concoctions
    short work description:
    Concoctions moves through the spaces of a clinical environment with embodied camerawork and a surveillance aesthetic. The intimacy of the camerawork combines with the sterility of the environment to grasp moments of tenderness and hostility within the same space. Texts from Aristotle, the 6th century C.E. Greek physician Aetios of Amida, and
    modern gynecology instructions narrate this exploration of space. Absurdity, desire, apprehension and suspense infuse the narration, exposing the folkloric edges of medical knowledge.

    In La Specola (meaning “the observatory”), I chose to focus on the gynecological examination as a paradigm of our conflicted relationship with desire, ownership, and control of bodies. Processes of acculturation have created conditions under which individuals become objects of medicine. Western medicine contains within it hierarchical, gendered power dynamics, such that the passive body of the examined is consumed according to the desires of the active
    examiner. Yet, I have moved away from the notion that the examined is always passive by suggesting ways to divert / subvert the gaze and activate objects. I have explored ways in which Western medicine and surveillance society have arisen not only from a will to know and possess, but also from a desire to be analyzed as a unique phenomenon, reproduced in images and data. How many have succumbed to the fetish of collecting medical imagery of one’s body: the quantitative data output of your fluid, shifting machine?

    The inspection of the vagina and the behaviours that sustain it are perhaps evocative of our general approach to the body’s mysterious interiors. Innumerable cultures with a lasting written or oral history make some reference to the archetype of the vagina dentata, or the toothed vagina. The practice of fantasizing teeth in soft, dark places informs the ways in which medicine approaches the vagina.
    It is a fantasy in which fear, desire, and repulsion combine. At
    heart in both myth and medicine is to control and make visible the body’s mysterious caverns, which are at once seductive, grotesque, pathological, and sacred.


  • Miklos Legrady
  • artist biography

    Title of work: without title
    short work desription:
    Memory/Identity; A short video in which the artist explains
    that artists are allowed things normal people shouldn’t do=
    “this is art, so it’s ok, it’s different”



  • Claudia Sohrens
  • artist biography

    Title of work: extensions-remix (2000-2002)
    short work desription:
    The cult of celebrity means that pop stars in the world have a greater authenticity of image in the digital world. The celebrity, being a brand, has first claim of the physiognomy that millions share. The rest of us are just wannabe’s. Soon we will pay to have our faces reconstructed to exactly resemble the flavor of the month, our skin rendered as flexible as Turkish taffy.

    globalization, “fan-ism”, videogames, the Internet, liposuction – the consumerist impulse towards reinvention, perfection, non-reflection –

    Extensions-Remix is an assemble of video loops about the idea and maintenance of beauty. In each sequence the video camera is penetrating the body, revealing invasive views that are repellent and fascinating at the same time. Each loop triggers a mix of collective memories of pain, vanity and curiosity. The viewer will be emersed from witnessing the events as if the physical experience is his/her own. One (wo)man’s self-abuse and mutilation is another (wo)man’s beautification.


  • Elia Alba
  • artist biography

    Title of work: If I were a….
    short work desription:
    In the video titled, If I were a, I present 3 distorted female bodysuits,representing a “white”, a “brown” and a “mixed” person. I created these byphotographing my own body; manipulating the color and exaggerating body parts
    through computer technology; color copying those images then transferring themonto fabric. I present these 3 “crudely placed together” bodysuits on a male performer (performance artist Nicolas Dumit Estevez). Throughout the video,
    wearing a mask of my face, the performer “uncomfortably” enacts the gesture of trying on these bodysuits.


  • Caterina Davinio
  • artist biography

    Title of work: A Story
    short work desription:
    A Story, 2003, 03:00 Video: Caterina Davinio. Sound poem, voice, performance: Julien Blaine. Music: Etienne Brunet.
    Download a Real Player version:
    Descriprtion: The book as object, the book as writing, the book as story. The writing as visual and sound. With a sound poem written and performed by Julien Blaine, dedicated to the female sex, and music by Etienne Brunet. This video was created for the Wandering Library Project in Venice, Jewish Museum, 2003. UNESCO – National Italian Commission – World Book Day.



  • Josephine Lipuma
  • artist biography

    Title of work: The Unbearable Heaviness of Waiting
    short work desription:
    The Unbearable Heaviness of Waiting (Josephine LiPuma 2004, all rights reserved) is an experimental narrative and at the same time performative. Josephine’s dysfunctional mystic surfaces again as the black hated women who waits. A single scene is repeated transforming the mystic. She waits, we all wait. The cycles progresses exposing the unbearable heaviness of waiting, as memories of past loves haunt her. She gets her answer. She is gone.


  • Stephanie Bouvier
  • artist biography

    Title of work: Sans Titre (without title)
    short work desription:
    The Hohenschönhausen train station in Berlin, after the
    neo-nazis May Day demonstration.



  • Christina McPhee
  • artist biography

    Title of work: SALT
    short work desription:
    Locative video and sound, 9′ 26′ 2004
    Carrizo Plains (Soda Lake), California
    Video/performance/edit Christina McPhee with onsite sound recording, composition and design by Sariah Storm

    A naxsmash group production © Christina McPhee 2004
    SALT is born of the 6.5 magnitude San Simeon earthquake of December 2003.
    The night of the quake, I used low tech against high tech ­ a mini dv Canon Ellura to record the mass media¹s take on the destruction ­ television’s six o clock lineup. Amid dismal reportage, an antagonist appears, taking recordings. Her black silhouette tracks something only she can hear, into white heat at Soda Lake, where I am discovered drawing in the dry salt. The SALT edit folds in 2 second frames of the paintings and digital photographs of the [Strike}/Slip installation. A hypogogic dream makes sure you are sure you are seeing: so SALT draws memory and the erases of memory by handmade digital remix of locative audio and video into a place both seen and difficult to remember. The brain tracks shock and the aftermath in sharp flashes for storage in a communal amygdala, where the brain stores trauma. SALT recalls the tale of Lot¹s wife who froze into a pillar of salt when she turned back to gaze on the destruction of her city. Is the freeze frame a white-out revenge against remembering too well, too much?



  • RZL – Luca Fruzza
  • artist biography

    Title of work: PIGS    
    video: rzl
    music: ralph+phlorian

    short work desription:
    Every single day in any country of the world: 60 seconds of abuses of power, Words and images from the internet

    PIGS has been selected for the final selection of Videominuto PoptTV festival 2003 at Museo Pecci, Prato, Italy; has been screened in the videoart section of the Merciless Film Series at Columbia University in New York, and selected for the “Adopt a spot” program of the Otcober 22nd Coalition in the U.S.A.