04.09 Sweden

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Colossus by the Sea, 2003, 10:00
viodeo by Jens Salander

The contribution from Sweden was included on occasion of Biennale of Electronic Art 2004 in Perth/Australia 7 September – 30 November 2004 which was curated by Björn Norberg from Stockholm. His selection incorporates following artists: Beeoff, Jens Salander, Steven Dixon, Petra Lindholm and Cecilia Lundquist.

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The Curator:

Name:Björn Norberg

The artists:
curator’s biography

name: Beeoff artists group
Mikeal Scherdin – Olle Huge – Tomas Linell

artists biography

Title of work: Doll short bio

name: Jens Salander
Mikael Strömberg

artist biography

Title of work: The Collossos by the Sea

name: Steven Dixon

artist biography

Title of work: The invisible Girl

name: Petra Lindholm

artist biography

Title of work: Wear the bazooka

name: Cecilia Lundqvist

artist biography

Title of work: C