04.08 M. Parker-Carter

“Truth – Paradise Found”, 2004, 3:00
video by Agricola de Cologne

On occasion of Numusic & Electronic Art Festival Stavanger/Norway 17 August – 22 August 2004, Melody Parker-Carter prepared her selection as a contribution, i.e. a suite of 10 videos, entitled: “Some Minutes of a Time” by Agricola de Cologne

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  • The Curator:
  • Name: Melody Parker-Carter

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  • The Artist
  • Agricola de Cologne

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    About the project
    “some minutes of a time” is a suite of videos, more than 10 works are currently selected.The artist, observer and voyeur, let the viewer share some minutes of his personal time. The artist films and uses situational processes he had been witness of by chance. He follows consequently using his specifc metaphoric language. Simple situations become spiritual experiences.

    Many of shortfilms and videos incorporated in this project were screened on filmfestivals around the globe.