Welcome to VideoChannel

unique in its kind and a pioneer in the field of "art & moving images", VideoChannel is now completely reconstructed as an historical monument of digital art.

VideoChannel brings videoart to you

Wherever you are, at the museum, at home at the PC, at or your tablet or mobile, Videochannals is no close to you heart and audio-visual experiences,

Enterin VideoChannel is a walk in the park of audio-visual art

Let's celebrate the richness, the abundance of color and movement, the magic of emotion of "art & moving images" with more than 5000 artists from 40 countries.

VideoChannel lives up to your expectations

whatever you are asking for, VideoChannel fuillfills your expectations in art works which seems to be forgotten in the works of rapid developments.

VideoChannel is a breath of excitement

slow motion of time to pay attention to the wonderful world of art

VideoChannel 2013

VideoChannel 2013 - Mexican Videoart

VideoChannel 2012

football (soccer) as a topic art & more

VideoChannel 2011

Videoart from Middle East - Syria, Palestine, Iran

Cinematheque & more

temporary project environments - Cinematheque - streaming media, VAD - Video Art Database

VideoChannel - art & moving images collections

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